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101 'junior' JUBB, Charles E (I9349)
102 'Late of Skelmanthorpe' JUBB, Joshua (I4928)
103 'NO FATHER LIVING' JUBBS, Mary (I12176)
104 'of wounds' JUBB, Matthew Henry (I84)
105 'old grave, full' JUBB, Joseph (I36)
106 'Orontes' JUBB, Irvine Inman (I5399)
107 'sic' JUBB, Mr John (I10639)
108 'St Barnabas Schools' JUBB, Johnson (I9542)
109 'St Barnabas Schools' PERRY, Ann Frances (I10798)
110 'suddenly' JUBB, John E (I8925)
111 'With Consent, when consent is required' Family F4818
112 (10 months at 1851 census) JUBB, Joseph (I10495)
113 (2 doors away from George's parents) CHARLESWORTH, George (I3299)
114 (2 doors away from George's parents) WADE, Emma (I4110)
115 (2 doors away from George's parents) CHARLESWORTH, Albert (I4111)
116 (2 entries on FreeBMD) FOX, Nancy (I7676)
117 (3 doors away from Edith's sister, Emily) FARRAND, Edith (I531)
118 (adjacent parish to St Botolph, Aldgate) JUBB, Robert (I10024)
119 (AKA St Peter Le Poer) Family F3951
120 (ALL from

MAY also have had sons John & Thomas.

John MAY have been born Dodworth, 1665, d Silkstone 1721

MAY have married Martha -?- who d Wire Mill, Silkstone 25 Sep 1747.

John's parents MAY have been Robert JUBB, b Royston 1645, d Silkstone c1727 & Sarah WAINWRIGHT b Silkstone 1640.

John's grandparents MAY have been Robert JUBB, b Royston/Emley/Wragby 1610 & Jennett CHORLEY, b Wragby St Michael, c1616
JUBB, John (I3256)
121 (also in household was Joseph's sister Jane) CARTER, Jane (I853)
122 (Ancestry family trees)

Family scattered throughout world, high flying careers. Details online

National Archives:

Concerning the marriage of Henry Joseph Plumridge Woodhead and Emily Clements of Clapton. Emily Clements was the granddaughter of George Jubb of Clapton, who also had property in Holborn and Liverpool Street, City of London. The newly weds went on to purchase No 2 Westbourne Crescent. In 1933, when new trustees were appointed the residue of property still subject to the provisions of the settlement was No 50 (formerly No 59), Sussex Gardens
JUBB, Mary (I9974)
123 (Anne's Arms Inn??) -?-, Mary (I6233)
124 (Ashes Lane, nr top of Jackroyd Lane) HARTLEY, Stephen (I496)
125 (Ashton Reg district) JUBB, Leonard (I4103)
126 (Ashton Reg district) JUBB, Albert (I4104)
127 (Ashton u Lyne area) JUBB, Edwin Grimshaw (I5563)
128 (assuming at least 21 when died - made a will) JUBB, George (I10443)
129 (Aus elect rolls) FURTHER RESEARCH ?? JUBB, Joseph Schorah (I1030)
130 (behind) HOLLAND, Elizabeth (I8222)
131 (behind) JUBB, Richard (I8390)
132 (between Keighley & Skipton) GREENWOOD, Annie Elizabeth (I107)
133 (birth of son Joshua) JUBB, Thomas (I892)
134 (boarder) JUBB, Hannah Mary (I725)
135 (boarder) JUBB, George William (I839)
136 (boarder) DODSON, John Albert (I1455)
137 (boarder) BERRY, Fred (I2012)
138 (boarder) BERRY, Ethelwyn (I2037)
139 (boarding house) JUBB, Edith (I1002)
140 (boarding house) CRITCHLEY, Frances Mabel (I2216)
141 (boarding house) CRITCHLEY, James Percival (I2219)
142 (boarding house) BUCKLEY, Crossley Anderson Montgomery (I5349)
143 (buried at Silkstone) JUBB, Joseph (I3619)
144 (cemetery) JUBB, John Herbert (I6921)
145 (census page missing) JUBB, Jonas (I8212)
146 (census page missing) JONES, Esther (I8215)
147 (central, Oxford Street ward) JUBB, Jonas (I8212)
148 (centre of Toronto) O'CONNOR, Margaret (I10320)
149 (centre of Winnipeg) JUBB, Willie (I41)
150 (Chorlton Reg district) JUBB, William Garlick (I905)

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