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51 (also in household was sister Jane) JACKSON, Joseph Albert Farrer (I802)
52 (boarder) BERRY, George Godfrey (I1989)
53 (death of son Lewis) JUBB, Charles (I97)
54 (Gateshead Reg district) JUBB, Florence May (I4001)
55 (given by son Firth) JUBB, Henry (I369)
56 (Grocer's Shop) FARRAND, Emily (I530)
57 (Holy Trinity parish) GILL, William Samuel (I577)
58 (last permanent residence 'other parts of British Empire' JUBB, William (I4836)
59 (Morris' address? given by mother & siblings returning) JUBB, Firth (I265)
60 (Morris' address? given by mother & siblings returning) JUBB, Linda (I4648)
61 (Morris' address? given by mother & siblings returning) JUBB, Leonard (I4649)
62 (near Stump Cross) -?-, Hannah (I1473)
63 (near Weslyan Chapel) DAWSON, William Haigh (I256)
64 (next to Farrand's Yard) FARRAND, Emily (I530)
65 (next to Weslyan Chapel) EASTWOOD, Elizabeth (I269)
66 (next to Woolpack Inn) HINCHLIFFE, William (I742)
67 (north of Doncaster) -?-, Susannah (I4064)
68 (nr Aire & Calder bridge) HINCHLIFFE, Fred (I962)
69 (nr Aire & Calder bridge) HINCHLIFFE, Charles Edward (I959)
70 (off licence?) JACKSON, James Henry Normington (I813)
71 (public house) - Lodger HINCHLIFFE, Herbert (I779)
72 (see notes) BENTON, Ethel (I67)
73 (soup kitchen) (nr Kirkgate?) JUBB, Annie Eliza (I5037)
74 (St John's parish) BREARS, Edward (I1278)
75 (St John's parish) BREARS, Emma (I1277)
76 (St John's parish) BREARS, Alfred (I1275)
77 (St John's parish) BREARS, Alfred (I1275)
78 (St John's parish) BAILEY, Charlotte Ann (I1272)
79 (St John's parish) - nr St Mary's Hospital BREARS, Clara (I1283)
80 (Wheat House Road area) JUBB, Hiram (I129)
81 (with grandmother) JUBB, John Alfred (I5963)
82 (with Harriet's father) WATERHOUSE, Hannah (I773)
83 (with Harriet's father) HINCHLIFFE, Tom (I771)
84 (with Harriet's father) HINCHLIFFE, Tom (I771)
85 (with sister Harriet & family) JUBB, Ann (I22)
87 Date is a POSSIBILITY BUCKLEY, Elizabeth (I739)
88 FURTHER RESEARCH JUBB, James Edward (I957)
89 household of LAW family JAGGER, Bertha S (I3738)
90 living with William's parents FOX, William James (I6586)
91 PROBABLY GILL, Lucy Elizabeth (I1286)
92 q3 JUBB, Joseph (I2036)
93 with mother, Hannah JUBB JUBB, Eliza Ann (I319)
94 "2nd son" in PR bapts FOX, Law (I1323)
95 'and from that time until recently the patronage of the living of Dunham was in the gift of the Prebend. The last Vicar to be thus appointed was the Rev. Henry Jubb, Vicar from 1856 to 1883, his uncle, the Rev. T. C. Percival, having the patronage as being a member of the old foundation of Prebends'

230 iii. May Eleanor Annie Brassey was born in Adlestrop, Gloucestershire, England 8 October 1874. May died May 1941. She married Robin Kenrick Price 2 March 1905 in Heythrop, Oxfordshire, England. They were married by the Rev. John Erasmus Philipps, formerly Vicar of Enstone, Oxfordshire, assisted by the Rev. Henry Jubb, the Rector, and the Rev. Richard Owen, Rector of Llfar Bala, county Flint, Wales. Index.htm

Jubb, Henry
Approx. lifespan: 1831-1919
age=22 : pens. Jesus College adm1849:11:07
s. of Jubb, John Esq. of [pl][co] Yorkshire
b. St Petersburg, Russia
Sch: Sawston School Sawston, [ Cambridgeshire] (Mr Daniel).
Matric 1849:10MT:
(Civil Law Classes, 1st Class(1852-3);
Ord. deacon Exeter 1854
C.: Bridestowe, Devon 1854-56
V.: Dunham-on-Trent with Ragnall, [ Nottinghamshire] and
R.: Darlton, Nottinghamshire 1856-83
Rural Dean of: Tuxford, [ Nottinghamshire] 1859-83
R.: Clayworth, [ Nottinghamshire] 1883-1901
Rural Dean of: Bawtry, [ West Riding of Yorkshire] 1886-1901
R.: Heythrop, Oxfordshire 1901-06
subsequently Bournemouth, [ Hampshire]
d. THERE 1919:01:21
(Clerical Journal Directory; Crockford; The Times 1919:01:23) c&cit=&cito=c&c=all&tex=&sye=&eye=&col=all&maxcount=50 
JUBB, Rev Henry (I9887)
96 'Assistant engineer of Los Angeles Harbour during the early days of the port' JUBB, Sherman A (I8941)
97 'at sea' died on war service' (from Probate calanars) JUBB, Leonard William Edward (I12310)
98 'Best Woman' Takes Over

The Singapore Free Press, 13 November 1946, Page 3

'Best Woman' Takes Over AFTER Mr. George Lesli" Jubb was married at Washington, Lancashire, to 20-year-old Vickie Kasadbakas a crown of white artificial flowers was put on his head and attached b> a silk ribbon to a similar crown on the head of his bride Then the couple were married again, Greek fashion. [Her father was a Bank Manager. They met when George J was working on the bombed docks of Salonika as a Royal Engineer] 
KASAMBAKA, Victoria (I6261)
99 'by order of Thames Union' JUBB, Henry (I9721)
100 'died in infancy'

Burial: Midhole Chapel - South West of chapel, upright stone 
JUBB, Mary Elizabeth (I1654)

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