South Crosland, Huddersfield



Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 -?-, Ann  Abt 1879South Crosland, Huddersfield I3898
2 -?-, Martha A  Abt 1849South Crosland, Huddersfield I2008
3 -?-, Mary J  Abt 1846South Crosland, Huddersfield I2031
4 -?-, Sarah  Abt 1823South Crosland, Huddersfield I1483
5 BERRY, David  Abt 1853South Crosland, Huddersfield I1956
6 BERRY, Edwin  Abt 1869South Crosland, Huddersfield I2030
7 BERRY, Joe  Abt 1860South Crosland, Huddersfield I2009
8 FRANCE, Ephraim  Abt 1856South Crosland, Huddersfield I24
9 FRANCE, Fanny Harriett  Abt 1858South Crosland, Huddersfield I18
10 HARGREAVES, Alfred  Abt 1841South Crosland, Huddersfield I996
11 HARGREAVES, Emma Jane  Abt 1845South Crosland, Huddersfield I997
12 HARGREAVES, Ethel  Abt 1883South Crosland, Huddersfield I54
13 HARGREAVES, Holmes  1890South Crosland, Huddersfield I56
14 HARGREAVES, Mary Ann  Abt 1836South Crosland, Huddersfield I994
15 HARGREAVES, William  Abt 1838South Crosland, Huddersfield I995
16 JUBB, Alice  Abt 1885South Crosland, Huddersfield I83
17 JUBB, Ann  Abt 1884South Crosland, Huddersfield I82
18 JUBB, Edith Emmeline  1891South Crosland, Huddersfield I86
19 JUBB, Harriet France  Abt 1884South Crosland, Huddersfield I88
20 JUBB, Hiram France  1880South Crosland, Huddersfield I19
21 JUBB, Matthew Henry  1887South Crosland, Huddersfield I84
22 LUNN, Fred Lewis  1875South Crosland, Huddersfield I1000
23 LUNN, Herbert  Abt 1869South Crosland, Huddersfield I999
24 LUNN, Lewis  Abt 1836South Crosland, Huddersfield I998