Thornes, Wakefield



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUCKLEY, Bertha  1876Thornes, Wakefield I5042
2 BUCKLEY, George  1873Thornes, Wakefield I5040
3 CANNON, Sarah Ann Jubb  1844Thornes, Wakefield I5015
4 HANT, Albert  Abt 1871Thornes, Wakefield I5157
5 HOLROYD, Frances  Abt 1871Thornes, Wakefield I6995
6 JUBB, Albert  1887Thornes, Wakefield I5139
7 JUBB, Annie Eliza  1885Thornes, Wakefield I5037
8 JUBB, Catherine Clarissa  1888Thornes, Wakefield I4667
9 JUBB, Charlotte  Abt 1806Thornes, Wakefield I4215
10 JUBB, Charlotte  1888Thornes, Wakefield I5144
11 JUBB, Charlotte Ethel  25 Aug 1875Thornes, Wakefield I5133
12 JUBB, Denton  1864Thornes, Wakefield I4701
13 JUBB, Edith Josephine  Abt 1885Thornes, Wakefield I5062
14 JUBB, Eliza  Abt 1816Thornes, Wakefield I4997
15 JUBB, Elizabeth  1839Thornes, Wakefield I5119
16 JUBB, Fanny  1838Thornes, Wakefield I5092
17 JUBB, Frederick  17 Jul 1869Thornes, Wakefield I4700
18 JUBB, George  Abt 1814Thornes, Wakefield I4996
19 JUBB, George  3 Dec 1889Thornes, Wakefield I3974
20 JUBB, George William  18 Oct 1880Thornes, Wakefield I5060
21 JUBB, Hannah  Abt 1850Thornes, Wakefield I5086
22 JUBB, Hannah Mitchell  1841Thornes, Wakefield I5088
23 JUBB, Ivy  1888Thornes, Wakefield I5140
24 JUBB, John  1856Thornes, Wakefield I5082
25 JUBB, John  1857Thornes, Wakefield I5018
26 JUBB, Jonas  Abt 1818Thornes, Wakefield I4975
27 JUBB, Joseph  28 Aug 1812Thornes, Wakefield I5000
28 JUBB, Joseph  Abt 1816Thornes, Wakefield I5084
29 JUBB, Joseph  28 Mar 1816Thornes, Wakefield I6541
30 JUBB, Joseph  1849Thornes, Wakefield I5094
31 JUBB, Joseph  1856Thornes, Wakefield I5016
32 JUBB, Joseph  16 Apr 1866Thornes, Wakefield I4697
33 JUBB, Louisa Maria  1898Thornes, Wakefield I4670
34 JUBB, Mary Ann  Abt 1819Thornes, Wakefield I6542
35 JUBB, Mary Ann  9 Dec 1841Thornes, Wakefield I5067
36 JUBB, Mary Elizabeth  10 Oct 1847Thornes, Wakefield I5005
37 JUBB, Mary Elizabeth  15 Feb 1854Thornes, Wakefield I6990
38 JUBB, Mary Mitchell  26 Apr 1834Thornes, Wakefield I4693
39 JUBB, Sarah  Abt 1813Thornes, Wakefield I6540
40 JUBB, Stephen  1883Thornes, Wakefield I5036
41 JUBB, Thomas  25 Feb 1832Thornes, Wakefield I5090
42 JUBB, Thomas  22 Feb 1871Thornes, Wakefield I4695
43 JUBB, Thomas  1891Thornes, Wakefield I4668
44 JUBB, William  Abt 1838Thornes, Wakefield I5087
45 JUBB, William  1859Thornes, Wakefield I4665
46 LIDDINGTON, Emily Fanetta  Abt 1856Thornes, Wakefield I5039
47 MITCHELL, Hannah  Abt 1777Thornes, Wakefield I4214
48 PILKINGTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1854Thornes, Wakefield I5028
49 PILKINGTON, Jesse William  1846Thornes, Wakefield I5021
50 PILKINGTON, Mary  1871Thornes, Wakefield I5020

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CANNON, Mary Ann  Aug 1880Thornes, Wakefield I5017
2 CANNON, William Jubb  May 1844Thornes, Wakefield I5023
3 CARVER, Betty  Apr 1846Thornes, Wakefield I4995
4 HILL, Elizabeth  22 Jan 1883Thornes, Wakefield I5003
5 JUBB, David  Dec 1835Thornes, Wakefield I6983
6 JUBB, Emma Maria Feary  Jun 1889Thornes, Wakefield I7719
7 JUBB, Fanny  Aug 1858Thornes, Wakefield I5092
8 JUBB, Fanny  Aug 1858Thornes, Wakefield I6991
9 JUBB, George  27 Jul 1885Thornes, Wakefield I4996
10 JUBB, Hannah  Nov 1813Thornes, Wakefield I4217
11 JUBB, John Mitchell  Mar 1855Thornes, Wakefield I5091
12 JUBB, Joseph  Apr 1855Thornes, Wakefield I5000
13 JUBB, Mary Elizabeth  Feb 1855Thornes, Wakefield I6990
14 JUBB, Richard  Jun 1854Thornes, Wakefield I4218
15 JUBB, William  Sep 1828Thornes, Wakefield I6984


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 -?-, Mary  1841Thornes, Wakefield I5031
2 -?-, Mary  1851Thornes, Wakefield I5031
3 BUCKLEY, George Richardson  1861Thornes, Wakefield I5009
4 BUCKLEY, James John  1861Thornes, Wakefield I5059
5 BUCKLEY, William George  1861Thornes, Wakefield I5007
6 CANNON, Sarah Ann Jubb  1861Thornes, Wakefield I5015
7 CARVER, Betty  1841Thornes, Wakefield I4995
8 DANSON, Mary Margaret  1881Thornes, Wakefield I5134
9 DENTON, Maria Hudson?  1871Thornes, Wakefield I4699
10 HEWITT, Elizabeth  1841Thornes, Wakefield I5069
11 HILL, Elizabeth  1841Thornes, Wakefield I5003
12 HILL, Elizabeth  1871Thornes, Wakefield I5003
13 JUBB, Albert  1914Thornes, Wakefield I5139
14 JUBB, Ann Elizabeth  1871Thornes, Wakefield I5120
15 JUBB, Charlotte  1851Thornes, Wakefield I5093
16 JUBB, Denton  1871Thornes, Wakefield I4701
17 JUBB, Fanny  1851Thornes, Wakefield I5092
18 JUBB, Frederick  1871Thornes, Wakefield I4700
19 JUBB, George  1813Thornes, Wakefield I5068
20 JUBB, George  1816Thornes, Wakefield I5068
21 JUBB, George  1819Thornes, Wakefield I5068
22 JUBB, George  1841Thornes, Wakefield I4996
23 JUBB, George  1851Thornes, Wakefield I4996
24 JUBB, Hannah Mitchell  1851Thornes, Wakefield I5088
25 JUBB, James Hill  1851Thornes, Wakefield I5004
26 JUBB, John  1816Thornes, Wakefield I4994
27 JUBB, John  1818Thornes, Wakefield I4994
28 JUBB, John  1841Thornes, Wakefield I4998
29 JUBB, John  1851Thornes, Wakefield I4998
30 JUBB, John  1861Thornes, Wakefield I4998
31 JUBB, John  1871Thornes, Wakefield I5082
32 JUBB, John  1881Thornes, Wakefield I5082
33 JUBB, John Mitchell  1851Thornes, Wakefield I5091
34 JUBB, Joseph  1841Thornes, Wakefield I5000
35 JUBB, Joseph  1851Thornes, Wakefield I5000
36 JUBB, Joseph  1851Thornes, Wakefield I5094
37 JUBB, Joseph  1861Thornes, Wakefield I5016
38 JUBB, Joseph  1871Thornes, Wakefield I4697
39 JUBB, Mary Ann  1841Thornes, Wakefield I6542
40 JUBB, Mary Elizabeth  1851Thornes, Wakefield I5005
41 JUBB, Richard  1834Thornes, Wakefield I4218
42 JUBB, Richard  1837Thornes, Wakefield I4218
43 JUBB, Richard  1851Thornes, Wakefield I4218
44 JUBB, Sarah Ann  1851Thornes, Wakefield I5002
45 JUBB, Sarah Ann  1861Thornes, Wakefield I5002
46 JUBB, Thomas  1869Thornes, Wakefield I5090
47 JUBB, Thomas  1871Thornes, Wakefield I4695
48 JUBB, Thomas  1871Thornes, Wakefield I5090
49 JUBB, William  1871Thornes, Wakefield I4665
50 PILKINGTON, David  1841Thornes, Wakefield I5030

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